Refugees in Iran

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Refugees in Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran hosts one of the largest and most long- staying refugee populations in the world, comprised of Afghans who have been in the country for more than 30 years. As of October 2011, according to the Bureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrants’ Affairs, the total number of refugees registered with the authorities stood at some 882,659, including 840,158 Afghans and 42,501 Iraqis. Most refugees in the Islamic Republic of Iran reside in urban areas, with only less than 3 per cent living in settlements.

UNHCR has assisted 936,907 Afghan and Iraqi refugees (907,520 Afghans and 29,387 Iraqis) to return home voluntarily from 2002 till 31 Dec 2012. Voluntary repatriation continues under the auspices of tripartite agreements signed by UNHCR and the Islamic Republics of Iran and Afghanistan. Beginning in 2006, there was a decline in the number of Afghan refugees opting to return to Afghanistan. But in 2011, this trend has appeared to be turning, with the number of people wishing to repatriate increasing.

In June 2011, the Iranian Government began re-registering Afghan refugees (Amyesh VII) extending the validity of the card to one year and linking the Amayesh residence permits with the issuance of the work permits. During the exercise, which receives financial support from UNHCR, the Government has identified vulnerable refugees to be granted exemption from payment of municipality taxes and school tuition fees. Such fees are normally obligatory for registered Afghan refugees.


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