Fifth Cycle of Salamat Health Insurance

Fifth Cycle of Salamat Health Insurance



To enrol, all the refugees holding Amayesh Card can approach one of the Pishkhan centres and receive their booklets. 

Salamat booklets cover out-patient care (e.g. doctor’s fees, medicine, lab tests, and radiology) and hospitalization services in all MoH-affiliated hospitals or hospitals contracted with Salamat Insurance.

A)    Vulnerable refugees

•    Vulnerable refugees and those who received a free-of-charge booklet during the 4th cycle of UPHI should refer to their local Pishkhan* centre and receive booklet.
•    The booklets are valid up to 24 February 2019.
•    Vulnerability status information is available at Pishkhan Centre. In case of any ambiguity, please follow up with provincial BAFIA offices.

B)    Premium Payers 

•    Other refugees can also approach Pishkhan* centers contracted with IHIO countrywide to enroll and receive booklet. 
•    Those premium payers who have not yet received the booklets can refer to Pishkhan Centres during the following dates. Duration of enrolment in each window is only 10 days. 
-    Window #3: 23 September 2019 to 02 October 2019
-    Window #4: 22 December 2019 to 31 December 2019

•    UPHI Booklets will be valid for one year from the date of enrolment and receiving the booklet.

Required documents (for each person):

•    Valid Amayesh card, Identity card or Laissez Passer
•    1 photo (size: 3cm x 4cm)
•    For Special Disease cases, a certificate from a Salamat-recognized physician is required 
Note: Special Disease cases are those refugees with haemophilia, thalassemia, renal failure, kidney transplant or multiple sclerosis. UPHI booklet for these refugees is different and contains 36 pages. 
•    At the time of enrolment, preferably the head of household otherwise one of the members should be present for registration with all of the required documents of all the members. 


•    Enrolment takes place for all the members of the household. 
•    Vulnerable refugees should only pay the printing and administration costs (the premium fee for these refugees are covered). 
•    Premium payers besides the printing and administration costs should pay for the premium fees of all the household members. 
•    All the actions related to the enrolment and obtaining the booklets, should only take place at Pishkhan Centres. 
•    In case you have not enrolled in the UPHI 4th cycle, you need to proceed with pre-registration. Therefore, it is necessary to inform Pishkhan centres’ staff [when approaching]. 
•    In case of failure in authentication for yourself or family members due to movements between cities or any changes in the family composition i.e. new-borns, please follow up with provincial BAFIA offices.