Fars Mission 4-6 December, 2012

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Proper education for the children of foreign nationals in Fars province – Shabestan/ISNA/Khabar Farsi

UNHCR Iran Representative said among a group of foreign nationals in Shiraz: “before coming to Shiraz I made a visit to Afghanistan and I can assure you that education conditions in Afghanistan are very bad.” He then said how the conditions for education in Shiraz are very good and went on: “there are always problems for foreign nationals, but in Iran, UNHCR with the help of BAFIA are planning to solve these problems.” Mr. Doyle spoke of resolving the Insurance Scheme issue in Iran and said: “one of the most significant concerns for refugees was the insurance which has faced some problems in the last few months but we are currently putting our effort into solving those problems.”  By mentioning that very soon the insurance card for refugees will be issued, he said: “very soon, the process of receiving these cards will be shared with the refugees through SMS.” He went on: “there were some issues with regards to the contract of the insurance company and the issue was solved with the help of the Ministry of Health.” Mr. Doyle went on this mission with a group of ambassadors of other countries in Iran, namely Switzerland, Brazil, South Korea and Sweden and they will make several visits to different medical and educational centers in Shiraz. – Dec 5, 2012



The condition of foreign nationals in Fars Province, will be studied - IRNA

Dr. Aziz Kazemi, Director General of BAFIA, entered Shiraz and addressed the media at Shiraz airport on Wednesday night: “during this two-day visit which was planned by BAFIA and UNHCR, the condition of foreign nationals and particularly Afghan nationals in shiraz will be observed and studied.” Also he pointed out that 9 ambassadors from embassies of those countries in Iran are accompanying them.” These are countries that cooperate with BAFIA and UNHCR in Iran. He added: “condition of refugees, projects and measures, achieved and ongoing will be discussed during this visit.” Taking into account, the many problems, still existing in Afghanistan he said: “with timely and precise planning, we have to encourage Afghans to feel less thrilled about Iran and see that conditions shift in the way that they are in fact encouraged to consider return to their own countries. Of course, certain plans are in development between us and UNHCR which I hope will bear fruit soon.” - Dec 5, 2012



We have no commitment to illegal foreign nationals – Shirazeh

According to Shirazeh and reported through Fars, Dr. Aziz Kazemi, Director General of BAFIA, said among a group of Afghans, present in Imamzadeh Seyyed Mohammad in Shiraz: “ for employment, education and the livelihood of Afghans in Iran proper planning has been done so that they can have a legal life in good conditions.  One of the biggest concerns for refugees is Insurance for which certain measures have been taken and soon in Shiraz also they will have Insurance. For the Insurance they should know that a good discount has been considered for them and they can be happy.” He added: “some 200 thousand Afghan students study in Iran’s schools.” He went on: “The Islamic Republic has been host to 3 million Afghan nationals; which equals the population for 92 countries in the world, and the population of one whole country. “he added: “among these Afghans there are: the vulnerable, women as heads of family, children without parents who all face difficulty in their lives and it requires the international community to help them.” Mr. Qolamreza Qolami, Director General of BAFIA, Shiraz also added: “on Mondays in BAFIA, Shiraz, is an open day for refugees to come and express their concerns. Each Monday 30 Afghans can come and speak up. “ - Dec 5, 2012



Swiss Envoy Praises Iran Services to Refugees (Iran News/Fars News)

Swiss Ambassador to Iran Livia Leu Agosti hailed Iran's measures to render services to Afghan refugees, and said on Thursday that the Iranian measures in providing and creating suitable services and jobs for the Afghan refugees are admirable.  She made the remarks in an interview with the Islamic republic news agency while visiting Shiraz, the capital city of the Southern province of Fars.  During her visit, she was accompanied by delegates from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) as well as diplomats and envoys from nine world states which help the Commissioner aid the refugees and review their situation. Austrian and Swedish ambassadors to Tehran were among the foreign diplomats.  Since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979, hundreds of thousands of Afghans have sought refuge in Iran, either directly across the Afghan border or by a long detour through Pakistan. No one knows the exact number of the refugees. But the Iranian authorities and the UNHCR estimate there are between 1.5 and 2 million.  The refugees are dispersed throughout Iran. According to UNHCR estimates, there are 600,000 in North Khorassan, South Khorassan and Khorassan Razavi provinces - 250,000 in the capital, Mashhad, alone - 150,000 each in the provinces of Isfahan, Kerman, Tehran, Fars and Yazd, and 120,000 in Sistan and Balouchestan province.  Many work in construction, agriculture, or in factories or small shops.  In 1979 the Iranians created the Council for Afghan Refugees (CAR), which is part of the ministry of interior. The CAR has grown increasingly alarmed at the growing number of Afghan refugees, and at the health and security problems they pose. – Dec 6, 2012


Governor General’s Deputy of Fars Province: “Refugee Services offered in Fars province, accent total satisfaction.” (IRNA)

Mr. Kamal Firouzabadi said: “we are no stranger to the issues and concerns of refugees, however, as we can see, the overall condition in the fields of education, health, settlements etc. is satisfactory.” He praised the Islamic Republic’s efforts in making it easy for refugees to live her in peace and mentioned how they have hosted both Afghans and Iraqis in Fars province particularly. “other than refuges, there is also a number of illegal foreign nationals residing in Fars province and the Islamic Republic has shown promise and been responsible towards those refugees.” He said. “Fars hosts a body of Ambassadors, prominent people of embassies and UNHCR in this field visit.” This visit will help us collect more contributions through UNHCR so that we can further better the conditions for refugees. He said how the problems and concerns of refugees isn’t limited to only Fars province. - Dec 6, 2012


“Facilities in refugee settlements of Fars province have amazed me”: UNHCR Iran Representative (ILNA)

Bernard Doyle was impressed by the conditions of the settlements for refugees in Shahid Beheshti settlement in Shiraz, especially considering the distance that the settlement has to Shiraz. The gas pipes project which brings gas to this settlement is another thing to be impressed with.” Says Doyle. He also hoped that drinking water could also find its way to this settlement soon, since the project is already in development.  Doyle also expressed happiness for the fact that in the classrooms, the new heating system is already working. As well as that, he expressed satisfaction over the eployment planning which has been penned for this settlement. - Dec 7, 2012


The People of Fars Province have shared their civilization with Afghan nationals (Mehr News)

Bernard Doyle expressed his gratitude to the Islamic Republic for offering their services to foreign nationals to the highest degree possible. “the thing that most impressed us is the way in which educational services were offered to Afghan students which on its own is a great step for the country of Afghanistan.” Mentioning how the future of Afghanistan is going to be built with these exact same services and education offered to the people of Afghanistan in Iran, he asserted: “offering education to Afghans in Iran is going to have a great impact on the reconstruction of their own country and Afghanistan should thank Iran for offering and continuing to offer these services.” He also expressed joy by saying: “these services are offered to refugees in a part of Iran which is known to be the core of Civilization.” He continued: “Shiraz is the base of civilization in Iran and has hosted Afghans and Iraqis for the past years. So none of these people should forget how the people of Shiraz have shared with them their civilization.” In the end he thanked the officials in Shiraz for making the offering of all these services possible. - Dec 6, 2012


Fars Province activities in the field of Literacy for foreign nationals and refugees are praiseworthy (Ministry of Education)

Literacy Deputy of Fars province said: “Fars province has done more than expected in the field of literacy for Afghans and we have made it possible for a %158 increase rate in registration. Mr. Isfandyar Sharifzadeh pointed how the Leader of Iran, Khomeini had valued literacy as a religious duty an added: “literacy is part of the rights for each and every individual and it requires much attention and this will result in moral and social development which is of course of among the Ministry of Education’s priorities.” He mentioned how 271 learners were involved in this literacy program which is higher than the discussed number and they are being trained in 34 classes in different regions in Fars province. Dec 8, 2012


Fars Province: Ranking third in hosting the highest number of Afghans (Shiraz News Agency)

Director Genral of BAFIA, Dr. Aziz Kazemi said: “the highest density of Afghan population in Iran is located in the provinces of: Tehran, Qom, Fars, Kerman & Alborz.” He said: “among our future plans is to prepare a base for refugees so that they would voluntarily return. And this requires that with the help of UNHCR and supporting countries we make circumstance in Afghanistan in a way that it could be ready for their return.” For instance, “we make sure that in refugee settlements or places where they reside, services in the field of education, employment, housing and livelihood are all accessible so that they would voluntarily return. “ He went on: “the mentioned plan has already been discussed in the trilateral conference among Iran, Afghanistan and UNHCR and the shortcomings of this plan were analyzed and it’s in development and will be acted out in the near future.”  Currently 850 thousand refugees reside in Iran. Most of which live among Iranians and a very small percentage lives in settlements. According to unofficial statistics one million also reside here as illegal foreign nationals. he also talked about certain machanisms for the legalization of these illegal nationals which he hoped they would take into consideration; since those who do not consider this, shall face the law. Dec 6, 2012


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