Marriage conditions for Iranian Women with Foreign Men-BAFIA

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08 April 2013- Hojato Oleslaam Ghorbani says that marriage conditions amongst Iranian women and foreigner men and the nationality status of their children is quite clear according to Iranian law, “Children may apply for citizenship after their 18th birthday.”

According to BAFIA, the judge of the Supreme Court continues: Although marriage amongst Iranian women and foreign men, without acquiring a permit from the Government, is correct in religious terms, it will have legal ramifications, as it is not a registered marriage and according to article 645 of the Islamic penal code, it will be penalized.

He continues to add that Iranian women in such marriages continue to carry their own nationality unless the laws governing the husband’s homeland demand otherwise .

He also states that according to article 1060 of the law, regarding the requirement of governmental permits for such marriages; The issuer of such permits, is the Ministry of Interior, and the reason for such permits is for national security & protection of Iranian citizens.

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