Fars Province (/fɑrs/; Persian: استان فارس‎ Ostân e Fârs, pronounced [ˈfɒː(ɾ)s]), is one of the thirty-one provinces of Iran and known as the cultural capital of Iran. It is in the south of the country, in Iran's Region 2, and its administrative center is Shiraz. It has an area of 122,400 km². In 2006, this province had a population of 4.57 million people, of which 61.2% were registered as urban dwellers (urban/suburbs), 38.1% villagers (small town/rural), and 0.7% nomad tribes. The etymology of the word "Persian" (From Latin Persia, from Ancient Greek Περσίς (Persis)), found in many ancient names associated with Iran, is derived from the historical importance of this region.
Sub Office Shiraz’s area of responsibility extends to the seven provinces of Fars, Khouzestan, Boushehr, Lorestan, Ilam, Kuhkiluyeh and Boyer ahmad and Chaharmahal Bakhtiari.
Over 89,819 refugees reside in the seven provinces under UNHCR Sub-Office Ahwaz area of responsibility.

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