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In light of the fact that the removal of government subsidies poses a significant burden on refugees’ lives which in mid/long-term would negatively impact the living standards of refugees, UNHCR has focused a major part of its assistance on comprehensive health assistance package to the refugees. Health and medical assistance to refugees includes:

    - Free primary Health Care to the refugees through partnership with the Ministry of Health which provides free of charge primary health care services to all refugees both in urban areas and settlements.

    - Health Insurance Scheme to cover treatment costs for secondary and tertiary health care of refugees. While providing a partial assistance to all refugees for health insurance premiums, UNHCR assesses and identifies the most vulnerable refugees and covers all their medical costs.

    - For Chronic and Special Diseases, UNHCR through referral mechanisms with specialized NGOs such as MAHAK and IRAC, provides assistance to refugees suffering from cancer. Insurance booklets are also provided to refugees suffering from Haemophilia, Thalassemia and renal failure.

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