UNHCR Sub Office in Mashhad and the Field Office in Dogharoun were established in 1992 primarily to facilitate the voluntary repatriation of Afghan registered refugees from Iran.

Sub Office Mashhad’s area of responsibility extends to the three Khorasan Provinces – North Khorasan, Khorasan Razavi and South Khorasan – with their respective capitals Bojnord, Mashhad and Birjand, as well as the province of Golestan with capital Gorgan. UNHCR Sub-Office Mashhad has projects or assistance programs in five locations in North-East Iran:

- Mashad – literally ”Place of Martyrdom”- is the second largest city in Iran after Tehran. Tajiik and Hazara are the dominat ethnicities among this group. The majority are Shiites from Herat, Bamian, Mazare Sharif and Kabul.
- Torbat-e-Jam camp: 170 km from Mashahd, 80 km from Dogharoun
- Birjand: 550 km south of Mashhad;
- Golestan: Gorgan and Gonbad-e-Kavus are located 650 km from Mashhad. The majority of Afghans living in this province are Zabuli (Shiite), Baluch (Sunni), Tajik and Turkmen (Sunni)
- Dogharoun Border Exit Station: the only repatriation cross border point between Iran and Afghanistan, located 270 km south-east of Mashhad.

Khorasan Province shares a 750-km border with Afghanistan.

178,268 refugees reside in the four provinces under UNHCR Sub Office Mashhad area of responsibility.



Ansar Camp, Dogharoun Customs,
Islamic Republic of Iran
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No. 45, Sajjad Blvd.,
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Islamic Republic of Iran
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