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UNHCR office in Iran facilitates refugees voluntary repatriation to Afghanistan and Iraq. UNHCR has four voluntary repatriation centers around the country in order to guide refugees, help them fill voluntary repatriation forms and provide them with necessary help such as cash grants for transportation and reintegration.

Contact information of these four voluntary repatriation centers and Dogharoun border station are as follows:

Isfahan: (+98 31) 33804870

Mashhad (Dogharoun): (+98 51) 54557355-7

Tehran (Soleiman Khani): (+98 21) 44563148


Resettlement is a protection tool, a sustainable solution and also an important mechanism for burden sharing. Resettlement is only considered when a refugee cannot repatriate voluntarily and his life, freedom, security, health and basic rights are in danger in the country of origin or in the country they have taken refuge in.

Resettlement can be used for vulnerable people; however this option is open for only a very rare population of refugees around the world.

UNHCR is trying to oblige resettlement countries to protect vulnerable refugees and support hosting countries so that they can find a sustainable solution for refugees in the third party country.

Legal Support:

There are 10 Dispute Settlement Committees in different provinces of Iran such as Tehran, Qom, Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman, Fars, Khorasan Razavi, Golestan and Hormozgan.

For more information you may contact local offices of UNHCR or BAFIA and refer to our Repatriation bulletin.

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